THE MOST HIGH GOD ~ Fire Baptisms and the Anointed Ones (The Cannabis Revelation)

The Warrior Priesthood Innovation

CHAPTER 19 (Part -1)

“The TOP SECRET of the Empire of God provides been given to you personally, ” (Mk. four: 11)

More compared to any topic, Erlöser Christ who was God in the flesh (Jn. 10: 30), talked about the particular Kingdom of The almighty over and more than again. Bible scholars inform us of which the undisputed heart of all Jesus’ key teachings middle around the theme regarding the “Kingdom regarding God. ” The particular KINGDOM is described more than virtually any other topic in the New Testament (162 times). How could there still a great deal debate and confusion among modern theologians and Christians right now about if typically the Kingdom of The almighty comes or Not? Jesus said, “But to those externally everything is explained in parables so that, “‘they may well be ever viewing but never perceiving, and ever reading but never knowing; otherwise they might turn and end up being forgiven! ” (Mk. 4: 11-12). Christ told parables throughout public to unbelievers, but he for yourself revealed the Strategies of God in order to his disciples. Christ said, “For exactly what is HIDDEN will ultimately be generated within the open, each SECRET will be taken to Light, ” (Mk. 4: 22). Jesus said, “he that has (spiritual) ears, let him hear, ” (Mk. 4: 9). Erlöser also said, “… I have arrive into this world, so that the sightless will discover… ” (Jn. 9: 39). “These would be the things Lord has REVEALED to us by the Spirit. The Nature searches everything, perhaps the DEEP ISSUES of God, very well (1 Cor. 2: 10).

Could now there possibly be Hidden Keys of Our god that may unlock typically the Secret to Understanding? Jesus was a sweeping rebel who took offense to the religious frontrunners of his time for taking away the Key to Knowledge: “Woe in order to you experts within the law, since you have taken apart the real key to Knowledge. You yourselves include not entered, plus you have impeded individuals who were entering, inch (Lk. 11: 52). The Bible addresses of the information of the Tricks of the Empire of Heaven (Mt. 13: 11); the particular Mysteries of Christ and God’s Can (Eph. 3: 4); and the Invisible Manna (Rev. 2: 17). The Oh mayne Ghost teaches people all things (Jn. 14: 26): “The ANOINTING you acquired from him remains to be in you, and you do not need anyone to educate you on, ” (1 Jn. 2: 27). Actually because the Oh mayne Ghost revealed “Secret Things” (Deut. twenty nine: 29) to the Apostle Paul, we all are now in a position to understand the strategies of God that will the Old Testament prophets plus the angels could not also understand in their own time (Eph. several: 3-5; 1 Pet. 1: 11-12). The particular Bible tells people that many Strategies of God will probably be sealed up right up until the final of moment (Dan. 12: 4; Rev. 10: 4). So, if we are presently moving into the End Times, what is this Kingdom Secret?

THE DOMINION OF GOD IS OUR MIND ~ We all have the Head of Christ (1 Cor. 2: 16)

“The Coming associated with the Kingdom of God is just not something that can always be observed, nor can people say, ‘Here it really is, ‘ or perhaps ‘There it is definitely, ‘ since the Kingdom of God is usually WITHIN YOU, very well (Lk. 17: 20-21)

Many Christians who pray the lord’s prayer are even now waiting for “Thy Kingdom to Come, ” (Mt. 6: 10). They will are told that when Jesus earnings, he will rapture them up to God’s Kingdom. Yet, Jesus told all of us to pray of which God’s is going to be carried out on earth. Acmpr Right after Jesus resurrected in the dead and ascended to heaven, he or she sent the Ay Spirit to get into planet earth, in addition to his Church seemed to be born on Pentecost. Jesus told the followers that the Kingdom of God has come: “if I drive out and about demons by the finger of Our god, then the Empire of God is at a you” (Lk. eleven: 20; Mt. twelve: 28). The same verb “has come” (ephthasen) is used repeatedly, and it also clearly means “is at this point present” (Rm. nine: 31; 2 Encolure. 10: 14; Phil. 3: 16; one Thes. 2: 16). Paul said, “Let this Mind end up being in you, that has been also in Christ Jesus, ” (Phil. 2: 5).

The key of the Empire of God will be realizing that God’s Empire exits “Within Us” within the “spirit dimension” where Jesus is usually King. Therefore , in case Jesus could be the King of your center and Life, then your Kingdom is In You. Knowing plus comprehending the Kingdom associated with God, begins along with the work associated with God’s Spirit found in our hearts and even Minds. Through typically the ANOINTING, baptism and guidance of the Holy Spirit, believers can have typically the “Mind of Christ. ” Our hearts and minds can rise from typically the spiritual deadness involving being blind and even ignorant to recognizing our future Timeless life inside our glorified bodies – in order to never grow aged and become immortal. Simply by consistently spending time with Christ through prayer and meditation, reading and understanding God’s Word, and fellowshipping with The lord’s people, we can have some insight directly into God’s plans, thoughts, and actions. Lord created us to worship him throughout His Kingdom throughout our minds and to love him system our heart, soul, strength, and thoughts (Lk. 10:

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